Work at Home Moms- A New Generation of Workers

Karen Boyes from Alberta, Canada is like any other stay at home mom. She dotes on Meagan, her three year old, reading her stories, giving her juice and putting her down for naps. But unlike other stay at home moms, Boyes is also a work at home mom.

Boyes is among a new generation of moms who have chosen to earn an income while being at home with their kids. With companies outsourcing to at home agents, and more women wanting to become entrepreneurs, moms working at home are filling a lot of job vacancies.

Boyes works as a data entry worker for affiliate companies. While her daughter sleeps, she’s typing out ads that she uses to draw people to her affiliate programs. It’s a very lucrative method of generating an online income and offers many perks. Like many work at home moms, she has the luxury of choosing her own hours and most days she works less than four hours, giving her plenty of time to play with her little girl.

There are many lucrative jobs out there for stay at home moms who want to earn an income. Various companies for instance, outsource to work at home customer service agents or telemarketers. In some cases, these agents make more than their in house office counter parts.

Moms working at home generally work on a contractual or freelance basis. Companies hire them to complete certain tasks for a specified duration and then they are on to the next company. Some companies may choose to keep the work at home mom on staff and pass on assignments to them. This gives them the freedom to work with more than one company which of course increases their income but it also gives the luxury to work whenever they want.

Most women, such as Boyes, earn a commission for the work they do. Boyes says she chooses to be an affiliate marketer because it gives her the opportunity to earn a lot of money in a shorter time span than working outside the home completing office duties.

The downside is many new work at home moms have trouble handling their new time table. They now have kids to tend to and a home based business to run all under the same roof. It can be difficult to prioritize sometimes. But women, such as Karen Boyes, cope with this by setting a firm time table and letting their kids know that even though mommy is home, she’s working.

There are no statistics for moms working at home but there are more than 10 million women owned businesses in the U.S. alone. Women today want to have it all. They want to earn their own income, feel like a productive member of society and still be there for their kids.

Boyes says she loves being there when Megan wakes up from a nap and knowing that her days are spent with her rather with a stranger at some daycare. With technology being more accessible and affordable the rise of work at home moms is guaranteed.

It makes sense economically to employ work at home moms. While companies get the work they need done without overhead expenses, women like Karen Boyes are earning an income in their pajamas.