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Make Money with Ezines

Make Money with Ezines: 6 Tips to Maximize Your Return on Investment
by Jeff Casmer
Possibly the greatest aspect of online marketing is that audience that exists online. Millions of people, world wide, use the internet to look for products, services and information.

While there are a multitude of marketing methods to reach the staggering numbers of online shoppers, one of the best ways is ezine advertising. You not only get to reach those large numbers, but you are able to target your niche market.

But like most forms of marketing, ezine advertising requires a financial investment. In order to maximize your return on investment and make money with ezines, read and apply the following advice.

1. Do not use the company ad

Most affiliate programs provide their affiliates with prewritten classified and ezine ads. And while you may view this as a bonus, the truth is unless you’re among the first people using the marketing creatives the ad is no longer hugely effective.

Chances are the ad and graphics have been seen before and users look right past it thinking, “I’ve seen this, I’m still not interested.” It is best to be creative and write your own ad.

2. Use a catchy headline.

This seems obvious since your goal is get the readers attention. However, in addition to your word choice you may also want to consider applying attention grabbing characters and other formatting styles.

Here’s what I mean:

Ex1. Make $500 a week! Easy to do! No selling! Risk free! Limited offer.

Ex2. *** Make $500 a week! Easy to do! No selling! Risk free! Limited offer.

Ex3. *** Make $500 a week! Easy to do! No selling! Risk FREE! Limited offer.

Which of the above gets your attention fastest? I’m going to assume it’s the third one. Why? Because it uses characters such as dollar signs, asterisks, or questions marks to get draw eye in. It also displays an all caps word as well as bold font.

Having one or the other will increase the number of people who glance at your ad but I find that using all the elements sparingly greatly increases my return on investment.

3. Avoid selling the product in your ad

Though the purpose of advertising is to create sales or awareness, the purpose of your ad is to sell the click not the product.

Your website or follow up email should follow through with your advertising purpose. They only job your ad has is to get people interested enough to visit your site.

4. Ask for “premium real estate”

Premium real estate or tops spots are places where your ad will stand apart from the many others advertising in the ezine.

In order to make money with ezines when advertising in a big ezine, be prepared to have a fair bit of company. Your ad can get lost or scrolled over as people get tired of reading. To get your ad to stand out ask for the top spot.

There’s no guarantee the publisher will it to you but ask nicely and know that you may have pay a little extra.

Can’t get the top spot? Ask for another premium real estate spot such as the middle of the article. Anyway you can stand out is worth looking into.

5. Be easy to do business with

You should have an understanding of the publisher’s rules about formatting and line length before you send the ad.

Also check your ad for working links and correct spelling. This is not the publisher’s job, it’s yours and it is worth doing if you want to maximize your return on investment.

6. Use an auto responder for your response device

Most classified ads send the reader to a website and this works if you have a one shot sales letter and no follow up system yet or if you have a time sensitive offer.

But here’s another way to maximize your return on investment.

Instead of using a URL, use autoresonder address in your ad. You can mention something about sending them a private link or this is an exclusive offer.

Create follow up messages to send to them every week until you make a sale.

Use the above tips to run effective ads in large ezines, so you can reach the countless people out there seeking your product. Making money with ezines is very possible if your using these tips and techniques effectively.