Linking Strategy Articles By Jack Humphrey and Jeff Casmer

7 Tips To Improve Your Blog Rank

Improve blog ranking and marketing is no longer kids stuff. It’s beyond the sappy diary entries and angst fueled rants. It’s serious business, especially if your goal is to make money blogging for your business. Blog marketing is more powerful than static site marketing mainly because of all the options Web 2.0 offers. Below are some things you can do to take advantage of what web 2.0 has to offer to increase blog traffic, links and engine ranking. 1. Tag you’re it!
Press Releases: Building BackLinks and Traffic Effectively

The only cost-effective marketing tool out there that is sure to build credibility is publicity. Advertising is effective but for some media, such as the web, it’s not nearly as effective as PR. Advertising controls the message, PR on the other hand does not, because of this it builds credibility much faster. A well written press release can greatly increase your inbound links by increasing your exposure to the masses.
SEO is DEAD?: Goodbye to Slow SEO!

The days of SEO drudgery are gone. Web marketers no longer have to beg Google to have mercy on them, nor do they need to rely solely on SEO services to build or save their ranking. Because webmasters are finally starting to understand what search engines have been asking them to since web marketing began: serve the visitors, not yourself. Some claim that SEO is dead but this is only partly true. Past SEO methods are dead.
Building One Way Links: 3 Successful Strategies to Build Links

One hugely important task that all net marketers must undertake, and undertake effectively, is building a link trail. Link building is, in many respects the source of success of most sites and getting links from authoritative websites should be the cornerstone of any link campaign.

Contrary to popular belief, link building is not about increasing your Google PageRank, swapping links with as many websites as possible or search engine optimization. It’s actually about implementing a strategy unique to your business so that you get the positive results that can be experienced when link building is done right. Without a proper strategy you may left heavily disappointed. So how do you go about creating such a strategy? Continue reading.
Is Your Site Truly Ready For Business?

There are only ten opportunities for you to get on the front page of a search engine and millions of sites that want to be on that page. The funny thing is everyone who owns a site feels entitled to that number one spot.

Being proud of what you have to offer is one thing but inviting people to a website that doesn’t deliver on its mission is a waste of time and frankly a waste of web space.
Building Backlinks, Getting Little Traffic?

Is this your problem? You have been working hard to exchange, and build links and have hundreds of links out there on the web but you’re only getting a few visitors a day? This is a common problem among webmasters but some of them don’t seem to understand that links just aren’t enough. They have to be relevant, come from authority resources and be a quantity of thousands not mere hundreds.
Web 2.0 Strategies: Stop Fighting the Power of the Web

It’s time to release the future of marketing from the headlock that you’ve put in. I’m talking about curmudgeons out there. While many have greeted Web 2.0 with open arms some refuse to embrace it and instead prefer to fight tooth and nail. If the past methods of marketing worked online no one would be eager to find new methods. This is the web–faster, fresher, better is expected.
The Rise of Video Syndication: The Death of The Article Star

If you’ve been an avid internet marketer for the past three year, you know that video syndication is a hot way to explode your hits. Or so says everyone who’s doing. The thing is nearly everyone is doing it. You can find over 50 web businesses that offer top rate video sharing services. And it’s guaranteed that there will be others who will take it up as a business model. It is estimated about 1.7 billion dollars will be spent on web video placements.
Boost Your Traffic Using Video Marketing

Syndication became a serious business a few years ago when article marketing became such a huge hit. And while article marketing is still the preferred favorite for many net marketers, video marketing gains a greater fan base everyday. Thanks to Youtube and similar video sharing sites, marketing videos are flooding the web and video search engines are popping up everywhere.
Social Bookmarking Sites: Why Using Them to Build Backlinks

If you haven’t been using social bookmarking sites to generate traffic you are missing out on a large consumer potential. As the net becomes more interactive and users gain more decisiveness on what is and isn’t “quality content,” building links using social bookmarking sites continue to pop up to serve virtually every known online niche. .