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Mothers, or moms-to-be, starting to work-at-home.

Are you a Mother? Did you wake up this morning and consider getting back into the working word?

If so, here are 4 tips to help you get started to work-at-home.


Many mothers, or moms-to-be are anxious about the money lost while staying at home and taking care of their young. Worry no longer!

Working from home is an excellent idea whether you’re looking for a new career, trying to get more money in your pocket, or even just to interact with other adults.


Before you jump into your slippers and stroll downstairs to start your new business, here are 4 things to consider;


1)      Find your confidence.

Whether you’re a mom to be, or already a mother, when you step into the work place you are a business woman! Use the skills you use in your everyday life and transform them into your resume.


Are your kitchen counters clean and all the dishes put away? If so, you’re neat and organized.

Is the nursery decorated in a certain color scheme or theme? If so, you’re creative and decisive.

Do you discipline your children and set important rules? If so, you have fantastic leadership and management skills.

Although you have been staying at home with your children, you have been growing as an individual and gaining the skills you can use towards your business.


2)      Which direction would you like to adventure?

Sit down and think about what you are good at and what you enjoy to do. This will help you to decide which direction you would like to head in, as well as motivate you to jump into work.

You should consider what careers you have experience with, which you’re interested in, and which you would like to peruse.
The internet is so divers; it may be a good idea to choose a few interesting careers, and then narrow down your choices once you do your research.

When you do start your research, be aware of scams! You know how the saying goes,

“if it sounds too good to be true, it is”


3)      Plan your schedule.

How much time would you like to spend working each day? There are part-time, as well as full time work-at-home positions.

If you don’t want to, or cant, spend a lot of time away from your children, consider a flexible part-time schedule that will give you the freedom to stop working when they need your attention, or even take certain week days off.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of free time, pick a full-time schedule that will give you an opportunity to work full hours.

Be realistic when you consider your schedule, because there is no doubt that you will miss your little ones, and they will need you at times. It should simply be based on how much time you are willing, and able to spend working.


4)      Support.

Talk to some other adults who work at home and get their advice and support to help motivate you. Hearing from other individuals who are, or have been, in the same position as you are will help forewarn you about the emotional and physical changes working will put you through, as well as the problems.


The most important thing to concentrate on from the people you talk to, is regarding their success! By focusing on the positive support, you will be able to leap into the working world with no worries.

By Christine P


Be Green, Work from Home!

5 Reasons to work from home in order to be more environmentally friendly;

1)      Working in an office building doesn’t always lead you to a location close to home, and this means using gasoline. Whether you’re driving, taking a bus or train, you’re still a contributor to burning fuels.

Why not work from home? You don’t have to use any gasoline; you simply walk to your designated work space every morning. This will also save you money! 


2)      Choice! When you work from home you have a choice to buy your supplies, machines, and equipment, and this gives you the opportunity to go green. There are so many green options now-a-days when considering pens, paper, desks, chairs etc. that cost equal to the generally more popular, less eco-friendly, supplies.

When considering a desk, invest in one made from sustainable wood or buy second-hand.


3)      When you decide to work from home, you will be doing most of your work online. This means less paper. While faxing, printing, scanning may still be a daily duty; it will be much smaller amount then the average office.Working from home gives you the freedom to use recycled paper, and gives you the chance to recycle your used paper.

There are online programs, such as Greenprint, which allow you to pick and choose exactly what you want printed instead of printing the whole document.


4)      Forget the old habit of using plastic containers for your sliced apple, or a zip-lock bag for your sandwich; it’s time to go green. While working from home you can use your own plates, cups, and cutlery with an environmentally friendly soap to clean them.

Eating from home will save you money, and save our ecosystem.


By Christine P.


5 Rules for a Healthy Marriage while Working at Home


You and your spouse may be on different schedules and your careers may crashing into one another, but separate yourselves and become successful again!

What do you do when you and your wife or husband share the house while working during the day? Here are 5 ground rules to help you become successful at home, while your other-half benefits as well.

1)      Claim your ground!

When working from home, it is important to develop a space that is identified to the whole household as your office area. Whether that is in the kitchen, living room, or separate room, this space should be private and quiet. By establishing this space, you are establishing these grounds with your wife, husband, and or children and this will avoid distraction throughout the day. Your spouse should also claim their own space.

2)      Hours of Operation

One of the benefits from working at home is flexible time, but don’t let your schedule change according to other’s requests. Only accept your partner’s invitation to lunch, or a request for doing the laundry if your work schedule allows it. It is often a good idea to map out your office hours before your day starts, so that you make appropriate time for lunch and other planned priorities.  Make your office hours visible to your family, this way they can see when they should bug you for attention! Respect your partner’s hours of operation as well.

3)      Talk to one another

Communication is key! State what needs to be done, or talked about, and then find the appropriate time to follow up. While you are married, and not clients, the planned times to communicate can be related to appointments. Ground rules; don’t miss your appointment! Take advantage of this time with your partner to stay focused on your personal life before returning to your office mind frame.

4)      Turn on, and off

When you are working, work! When you are done work, relax! It is very important for you and your spouse to develop these boundaries. Focus while you are working, and ask your partner to respect this so that you do not have to stop writing an email just because they walked in the room. In work hours it is appropriate that you continue your conference call, instead of answering her call. Asking them to help you achieve this goal is the best way to approach it.

5)      Trust and Reliability

You and your spouse should trust each other enough to know that when you are doing something, it is important! It should come as no insult to your partner that you cannot talk at that moment. You also need to establish the trust with your family, that they will not watch TV or talk on their phone beside you when they know you need quiet. Rely on each other to create a suitable environment. If your problem is kids, take frequent scheduled breaks so that you bug them, before they bug you!

By Christine P.




How to Get Customer Reviews on Your Webpage

Word of mouth is one of the most essential ways to bring in more customers to buy your product. A satisfied consumer leads to them telling other people, pulling them in as satisfied customers, and producing a snowball effect that can generate tons of sales.

An easy way to show customer’s satisfaction is by having them write reviews on the product that are placed directly on your website for everyone to view. But how do you get the customers to come back and write a review?

This article will explain to you some simple ways to encourage your customers to take the time to write about their experiences and enlighten other, interested prospects.

First of all, you can send the customer an email after they purchase the product. Make it personal, so they don’t feel as if they are being thanked by a robot. The customer will pay more attention to the email if they are addressed by name.

Somewhere in the email, ask the customers to write a review, and present them with a link. This way they will be reminded to write an assessment, as most people won’t even think about doing one in the first place.

A more effortful but also effective approach would be to send the customers mail to their house, requesting them to write a review. People tend to pay more notice to what is written on snail mail versus emails.

Additional things that you could send the purchasers of the product to capture their attention would be some sort of stationary, notepad or magnet that states where and how to write a review. When the consumer repeatedly uses the stationary, they will have constant reminders to go and write a review.

Include a large, noticeable “write a review” link or button on the page which will capture the customer’s attention before they leave the website. Once some reviews have already been written, display them on the page so others can clearly where to write a review, and add-on to other people’s thoughts.

Try giving your customers an incentive to leave a review. By offering, discounts, coupons or chances to win a price after they write an evaluation, they are much more likely to take the time to sit down and type one out.

Another thing to remember – bad reviews aren’t always a terrible thing. If you integrate a couple of not so perfect reviews among the good ones, it can make your product seem more legitimate.

Take the time to thank each client who goes out of their way to write a review for your product. Customers that feel that they are valued will likely be customers in the future.


5 Ways to Cut Costs When You Work From Home

happy piggy bank

You'll be able to put a lot more money away if you cut your costs wisely.

When you work from home, you’re the one covering your overhead expenses for your office and related equipment. Your profit margins will likely be slim, so it’s always good to find new ways to save money on your expenses.

Here are 5 ways to cut your costs so you’ll be able to make more money without lowering the quality of your offerings.

1. Bundle Your Phone Line

If you find yourself needing multiple lines for a dedicated business phone, fax line, and internet connection, you can lower your phone bill by bundling your lines instead of paying for them separately. Another good option is to move more of your communications to online alternatives. For example, you can pay just a few dollars a month to use Skype, which offers phone service over the Internet with unlimited incoming and outgoing calls anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

2. Use Energy Efficient Equipment and Lights