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How to Start Ghostwriting for Money

You’ve got the writing skills, and you’ve quit your day job to become the next J.K. Rowling. That’s when you discover – making money through fiction writing isn’t all that easy. How do you harness your talents to earn a living while continuing to pursue a career in and hone your writing?

You can do this while working from home and get your writing read by hundreds of people by adapting your fiction writing skills to ghostwriting.

As a ghostwriter, you can finally find a demand for your storytelling abilities, by telling the stories behind products, companies, and strategies. People like reading about people, and you can bring dry non-fiction topics to life by spotlighting the unique characters and interesting anecdotes that populate their stories. You will probably earn a lot more by ghostwriting than you ever will by writing fiction. And you can use the money you make to fund your fiction writing.


Earn Money Online Working at Home on Ebay: The Most Important Steps For Success

If you are looking for a means to earn money online working at home then to earn money on eBay may what you’ve been looking for. eBay is still among the top contenders for easy, fast, profitable start up businesses.
Success is not guaranteed, it never is, but when compared to other business models, eBay is a reasonable challenge for anyone who wants to earn money online working at home. With all businesses though, prior research can help increase your odds for success.

Many people jump right in by simply picking a product they like and trying to push it off. My suggestion however, is to start by subscribing to eBay’s market research tool for ten dollars a month. You wont earn money on ebay by picking the expensive items first until you know the ins and outs of running a business on ebay.

This tool gives you the opportunity to enhance your selling potential. eBay’s market research tool allows you to search up to 90 days of historical eBay’s listing in order to measure the market or the optimal price the products you sell. This tool answers questions like, “what is the average price of the item I am selling?” and “at what rate do they sell?” eBay’s market research tool can help you determine what to sell.

Using the market research tool you will want to analyze the Sell Thru Rate (STR), the average price per sale, and the total number of sales in the last 30 days. You can determine the STR by looking at the total number of successful auctions and dividing by the total number of auctions for that period. A market that has an STR above 50% and has more than 1,000 sales in 30 days is worth entering. With any business, the trick is to buy low and sell high.

In other words, you want to find markets with lots of demand and little competition and sell the item at a price that will make you a profit. This sounds like a simple concept however, many people struggle when it comes to executing it. Consider your strategy for buying products that will warrant a profit when you mark it up but still has appeal to your market. Luckily you can find wholesalers right on eBay. Most subcategories host listings for wholesalers who sell products in that same category.

This seems like great deal of prep work just so you can earn money online working at home but it’s the only way you will earn money online working at home on ebay. Getting the research done is crucial to you long term success. It’s what sets apart the fly-by-night businesses from those that are here-to-stay. Before you register for you eBay seller’s account and set up your store do your research. Everything else runs much smoother when you know exactly what you are doing.


Darn it! Why Is It So Hard To Earn Money Online?

I can sum up why it is so hard for people to earn money online in one word.


O.K. maybe 3 words. Internet Marketing Skills!

Throw away all of the other stuff about goal setting, choosing a niche, finding the right product, and hiring a good copywriter. Although these are all part of internet marketing.

The skills I am talking about are the same every business in the world struggles with. You need prospects, website visitors, traffic… etc.

This is why people do not earn money online. Not enough eyeballs looking at their stuff everyday.

I hope this creates a ‘DUH” moment for you.

If it takes eyeballs on your stuff to earn money online how do you do that?

You must develop internet marketing skills and become a professional internet marketer. At least professional enough to get people to stop by your website and look at your stuff.

99% of all internet business failures can be traced to lack of traffic. That is the hard part. That is what you are going to get paid to do.

Learn how to get traffic first and foremost. Once you do that the other stuff falls into place.

I know this is true because I see websites that look like crap and the owner is sitting in Hawaii drinking on the beach. She might even be laughing
all the way to the bank.

You can join here only when you develop internet marketing skills.

And even more specifically…

Develop traffic generation skills and you will earn money online too. If not then it will still be hard for you.


3 Tactics To Consider Before Earning Money Online

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours; this is what earning money online with affiliate marketing is all about. Also known as referral programs, affiliate programs are generally commission based sales in which the affiliate recommends a site to their websites visitors, and, if the visitors make a purchase from the website they earn a percentage of that sale. The merchant benefits from the sale and the affiliate from the commissions.

Getting started as an affiliate marketer is quite simple. If you already have a website setup you can begin to look for merchants that offer products relating to your website’s theme. If not, you can build one for a product that you would like to promote. Simply find a good host and chose a domain name with keywords that relate to your site’s concept.

The information below is aimed toward people who are new to earning money online with affiliate marketing and are looking for tips to help them find the right affiliate program for them.

Are you willing to put in the effort?

1. Although you will want a program that offers good commissions, do not be tempted to join a program simply because it offers high commissions. If no one buys from you, you won’t make any money. Analyze the program carefully and determine whether or not you are willing to put the work into promoting it. High commissions often mean high price tags which means you will have to work extra hard to convince your prospective customers that the product is worth it.

How much commission is offered?

2. Once you find a program that you are willing to invest time in promoting, look at their commission structure. It is advised that you do not accept anything less than 25 percent with commission. There are ample programs that offer great commissions and payment structures in every field.

What is the payment schedule?

3. Find out the payment schedule and be sure it fits with your needs. Some programs pay quarterly while others pay monthly. Look at the website and find out how often you will be paid.

What marketing tools are offered?

4. Be sure that the program offers a variety of promotional tools. The ideal affiliate program should offer its affiliates banners, text links, graphics, and in some cases audios and videos. The more resources you can find to put on your website the better.

5. Does it have a statistic page?

A good affiliate program lets you monitor your progress. Look for a statistic page that list the number of click throughs, sales, as well as earnings.

6. How is the support?

Be wary of any program that doesn’t list contact information. You want to work with merchants who offer top level support. If they do not answer your questions in a timely manner or worse, make it impossible for you to contact them, you do not want to work with them.

The “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” philosophy of affiliate marketing is great. It allows everyone to win. Take the above information to help you find the right affiliate program and join in earning money online fun.


Like To Earn Money Blogging? Social Bookmarking Is the Answer

One thing that can improve the success of your ability to earn money blogging is social bookmarking. However it is amazing how many bloggers skip this simple step because they do not think they have enough time to do it. I would submit that if you’re serious about blogging you should be social bookmarking even if it means making less blog posts to do it.

Social bookmarking is a simple step where you place the details of a blog post in an online social directory. This allows people to read it and to even vote on it in some social directories.

Hopefully you are blogging on a consistent basis. For some people that means adding a new blog article 1 time a week.

That is perfectly okay as long as you consistently stick with that schedule. The key is that you do not let your blog lie dormant and lose any benefit you may already have established.

You can bookmark your post to as many relevant directories as you want. Most blogging platforms also allow you to add a social bookmarking plug-in which allows you to quickly bookmark to the most popular directories without wasting time.

There are many social bookmarking services such as which allow you to bookmark your blog post to multiple directories with the click of your mouse.

It is worth the time it takes to join the various directories in services such as this. If you choose to target only a handful of directories I would suggest making sure you bookmark to Digg, and Technorati.

Also when you bookmark your blog post be sure and include the proper key words as they relate to the article you have written. Therefore it is important you write quality articles that the search engines will find relevant to your targeted keyword phrase.

To really maximize your blogging effort you should develop a targeted list of longtail keyword phrases and write your blog articles around those. Then be sure and tag each blog post for the specific longtail keyword phrase. When you bookmark your post include a short summary with that keyword phrase in it, and also include the tag phrases in the bookmark.

You will never understand the true value of social bookmarking to your blogging efforts until you see the traffic that comes from doing it correctly. This traffic will come to you in the form of visitors from the social directories as well as the benefits of ranking high with various search engines.