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Online Media Buying

Online media buying is an advertising strategy that secures an advertising space in different media outlets such as newsletters or websites at the best possible price. The main considerations of media buying include the following: price rates, format and space. The purpose of buying online media is to direct more visitors to the buyer’s landing sites.

To purchase display media online, it is good to negotiate the price of the ad space first before choosing the network to use. Negotiations usually involve web page position, price, ad colors and the size of the ads. Once you have arrived at an agreed price and the media schedule, you can start posting the ads you created.

To optimize the display media online, you will need to do the following:

1. Purchase keyword phrases. SEO or search engine optimization requires the use of keywords. These keywords are the words often used by searchers to find the information they are looking for. If the company uses these keywords, they have more chances of being found by people who do online searches.
2. Compare rates. It is a good idea to get price quotes from at least 3 media outlets. However, you should not be based your decision on the price alone. It should be based on the quality of their readership. Quality audience provides great sales leads for online advertisers which convert to higher sales for them.
3. Create excellent land pages. If you want to generate more sales, it is important to have a helpful landing site that provides value to the readers. If the reader is able to attain something valuable from your site, they will most likely return and buy your products. A great landing page is critical to generating more leads and more sales.
4. CPM calculators. Determine how much the media ad buy will cost per CPM (cost per thousand). The lower the cost per thousand, the better you will be.
5. Do some testing. Try to compare the results you generate from different media networks, search keywords, static media, lists, streaming media, and other factors. Find which network produces the best performing ads.
6. Focus on the Ad Campaign. The ad message that you carry is the focus of the media display. You should give the ad a great deal of thought before posting it. You need to clarify your objectives and what results you want to generate from the campaigns. Vagueness spells failure.