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Make Money With Twitter

Believe it or not, there are methods out there that will make you money on Twitter and other social networking sites. Although, these tactics aren’t very obvious, it requires a little research on your part to make the most money using Twitter.

#1 – Blogging and Selling Products

What does blogging and selling products have anything to do with Twitter? As I said, it won’t be obvious at first, but after some understanding you will scratch your head and wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

There are many people out there who make tons of cash selling their, or other people’s, products and services on blogs and, in some cases, websites. To do this, you must get a lot of relevant, valuable traffic to your site. A large chunk of this traffic comes from search engines, of course. But you can also get a lot of traffic from social networking sites, provided that you have many followers. See where I’m going with this?

If you have tons of followers on Twitter who have a good chance of being interested in the products and services you provide, post a link to your blog and you can make tons of sales.

#2 – Blogging and Ad Revenue

This is quite similar to earning money using products and services, except that you get paid whenever someone clicks on an ad that is displayed on your blog or website. Turning your many followers into traffic and long-term readers will result in many clicks if your traffic is large enough.

Make sure that the majority of your followers are interested in learning more about your blog or website’s designated niche or topic. If your followers aren’t interested in what you have to say, you will not get as much traffic nor people returning. This will result in less clicks on your ads.

#3 – Getting Clients

Are you a SEO copywriter? A website developer? Or, perhaps you specialize in desktop publishing? If that’s the case, it’s obvious you need clients in order to get paid. Unfortunately, finding clients and keeping them can often times be harder than actually providing your services to them.

You probably score clients using forums, sites like, and your own website to showcase your writing. Yet, have you ever thought about social networks as a potential client source? All you need to do is make it known that you provide your professional services to the people who are likely to need them. This includes overworked bloggers and people who already have tons of clients and can’t write all the articles required before the deadline without some help.

As far as I know, social networks such as Twitter aren’t really used in order to get clients, but it can be done. Yet, Facebook is probably easier for this task than Twitter will ever be due to the 140 character limit.

Making money using Twitter isn’t difficult, but it does require tons of work. Not hard work, but tons. If you manage to succeed with Twitter, it will definitely continue earning money for years to come.