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Legitimate Work At Home Business Opportunities: Small or Big Business?

Legitimate work at home business opportunities are all over the web, and by all means more will be created. Both companies and individuals offer opportunities and both claim they are legitimate work at home business opportunities. Obviously, not every opportunity is safe and secure but is working with a big web company better than working with a small group of or one individual(s)?

There are pros and cons to each and you have to be careful with either choice.

The problem with individual legitimate work at home business opportunities is, even if the person or team is honest and has a good money making idea, they may not be able prove its success rate. If the person has just set up shop or if they’ve been working for less than 2 years, it is hard to put your faith in them. Sure they may have made money, but has anyone else?

Legitimate work at home business opportunities can show proof of their success. They have real testimonials of people who have made money. This is not to say that you shouldn’t invest in opportunities run by individuals or small groups but you do need to know you are taking a risk.

The positive though, is there is little competition. Sometimes it is better to get in on something before everybody knows about it. You know that there are few people promoting the product so standing out will not be difficult. This works great for products that are geared towards people who want to try things first. You can play up the freshness of the product.

If you know you are one of the first people to join the work at home business opportunity ask to test it out before you make any kind of investment.

The positive for working with a very small business just happens to be the negative of a bigger company. The better something is the more people want in. Unfortunately, big legitimate work at home business opportunities can have too many members. There are too many using the same marketing material to sell the same product.

Unless you can get creative and stand out, it will be difficult to be successful. It’s not that company is over saturated but that not enough of the members think outside of the company. They all rely on the company to tell them how to sell.

The fact is, even though medium-large work at home companies can prove their success, it’s really a handful of people who are truly successful. Most don’t make enough sales in a month. Those that are success don’t rely solely on what the company offers to help them sell. The get creative and find new ways to market. They also take advantage of the company seminars and webinars.

To be successful, with a big legitimate work at home business opportunity, you should put to work your own strengths, and creative’s. Because in a company that has over 10,000 members it’s hard to be heard.

There are pros and cons to small and big legitimate work at home business opportunities. Decide what works best for you before you make your decision.


Quick Start Work at Home Income Opportunities

Who wants to wait 6 months to make their first sale? Not me. However, for some work at home income opportunities this is what it takes before your business gets recognition and you begin to earn money. With today’s economy you can’t wait that long before your business becomes profitable. You need money now. This is why quick start work at home opportunities have become a necessity in this industry and below is a list of few types that you can get started with today.

1. Surveys. Online surveys are over looked but they are a good way to make money online. The trick is to sign up for multiple sites and since signing up takes less than 5min it isn’t difficult to get started right away.

The reason why surveys work so well as a work at home income opportunity is they let you do it at your convenience and they are not a big commitment, unlike some other opportunities. You won’t make huge money with this, but you can make a part time income if you complete your profile and do as many surveys as you can.

2. Freelance. If you have a skill you can find employment online. More companies are hiring freelancers since the downturn of the economy thus creating more work at home income opportunities.

Having connections can help you start creating a client list and land a job fast. But even without connections you can find jobs on craigslist,, and forums.

Freelancing in a field you are familiar with is a quick start work at home income opportunity because you don’t have to start from scratch to learn something new. If you have accounting, writing, or secretarial skills you can promote yourself and begin making money within a month or less.

3. Online auctions. Everybody has things around their home they could sell. eBay tapped into this need and created the largest auction site in the online world with a huge population of “professional sellers.” Getting an account and setting up your store does not take long. If you have market skills you can make money within a week. There are many tools and guides for newbies to help them get started fast.

4. Internet marketing. Giving others the chance to find work at home income opportunities is a great way to make money. Though the competition is vast, the market is still not saturated. There are a number of companies that offer training to help their members start earning quickly.

This is a great quick start business, since most opportunities come turnkey. You do not have to create your own product, marketing material, or website in some cases. Therefore, after you join you are off and running. To be sure you will make money fast, look for companies that offer training and have good reviews offsite.

With the advent of the internet, it is now easier to make a lot of money in a shorter time span. You still have to commit to working and put in the effort, but you don’t have to wait 6 months to start making a work at home income.


Can I Find Legitimate No Fee Work at Home Business?

In today’s economy, who isn’t trying to save some money? Now imagine saving while earning. This is what no fee work at home businesses let you do. With these opportunities you get the chance to potentially make a lot of money without spending any upfront. Allow me to explain further.

First of all, I want you to move your eyes back up to the word “upfront.” It’s important that you understand what exactly no fee work at home businesses are. It doesn’t mean you will never spend any money, it just means that starting your business doesn’t cost you anything.

This is huge. Where else can you start a potentially successful business for nothing but online? Everywhere else you are charged something or another. There’s either renting space, buying a franchise, investing in a company, or creating a product. In some way, to start most businesses, there is a fee. And this is why so many have to give up their small business dreams. They just can’t afford the start up costs. But we can all afford $O.

No fee work at home businesses let people take the first step to running a business and becoming an entrepreneur. Affiliate marketing is one way to do this.

I won’t go on a long spiel as to what affiliate marketing is, as there are countless articles and ebooks explaining it in detail. So the short version is affiliate marketing lets you promote other people’s products and earn a commission for it.

You do not have to create a product, promotional material, or a giant webstore. That’s all taken off without the cost of a fee. Virtually all affiliate programs are free. Making it the most popular no fee work at home business model.

You will be hard pressed to find a web master who doesn’t like affiliate programs, because nearly all businesses do it in some way or another. Even giants like facebook and eBay. I say, if it’s good enough for the largest auction site in the world, it’s good enough for me.

eBay however, has a rather sophisticated and expensive website to place all those affiliate banners. And you do need a place to host your banners. But you don’t have to spend eBay’s fortune to do it. You don’t have to spend any money. You can place your banners on a free blog.

Blogging is another great no fee work at home business. There are several companies like that offer people the opportunity to create and operate a blog for free. On your blog you can place your affiliate banners and textlinks. Eventually, you can take your earnings from your little start up and purchase a web domain or set up your own affiliate program.

In this market, anything for free is a nice alternative. No fee work at home businesses like affiliate marketing and free blogs let you start making money without spending any on upfront fees.


Work From Home Employment: Use Facebook to Earn More Money!

Social networking sites like facebook, make it easier to connect with friends and family. But they can also assist you on your hunt for work from home employment. Because so many businesses now understand the power and significance of social networking sites, more of them are setting up profiles to attract customers and workers.

Facebook provides an easy to use search function that allows you to find work from home companies, or individuals looking to outsource. You can type in a specific company or browse through the results. Often, your result will consist of groups, people, ads, and pages containing that keyword.

To make the search easier have an idea of what type employment you are looking for. Don’t just type in work at home jobs but a specific type of job. An example would be telecommunication jobs or even tele jobs. This will narrow down your search and bring up opportunities you are qualified for.

Another keyword you can try is the job title with hiring or work at home and hiring, ex. Telecommunication hiring or work at home jobs hiring. This will bring up results of companies who are currently recruiting.

Visit profiles that interest you and extensively look over the company profile. Visit the company website if a URL is provided and look carefully at the website. This is to see what the company is about and whether or not it suits you.

Also, join groups that are of interest to you. This will not only give you an idea of how members view the company, but will give you recent updates of the company’s activities, giving you more information on the company.

Do all this before you apply for the work from home employment opportunity? Another thing you want to do before you apply is to remove anything on your profile that is discriminating.

Remove any evidence of your last wild party. Even if it is work from home employment, companies still want to portray a positive image and this includes that of their employees. More companies are using facebook profiles as indicators of whether or not they should hire the individual.

One of the reason social sites like facebook work so well for gaining employment is you have readily available resource. Your friends may be able to align you with someone looking to hire someone to work from home as well they can aid in promoting your skills.

Be sure to let your friends know that you are looking for work from home employment by changing your status and emailing them directly. And don’t be afraid to approach companies you are interested in yourself. Let them know what skills you have and how it would be valuable to them and their company. The worst they can say is no.

Posting ads, notes and posts in groups can also help you get a work at home employment through facebook.

Some get lucky and land one on their first try and others may have to look harder, it mostly depends on how assertive you are willing to be. If you are looking for work from home employment try social networking sites like facebook and use the tips above to help you find a job faster.


Work From Home Companies: Know The Pros And Cons First!

With the advent of the internet more offline companies have become work from home companies, taking the idea of working from home from a rarity to a reality. Some of these companies operate solely online and some are offline businesses that employ/outsource to home based workers.

There are numerous perks to working from home; the most obvious is avoiding the long commute to work. But there are actually some downsides to work from home companies. This article touches upon some of the pros and cons associated with home based employment.

Saving increase

Work from home companies can help you save a lot of money. There are the personal savings from excluding things like gas for work travel, child care, and expensive office outfits. As well, there are some companies that offer agents deals from their company and/or other companies they may be affiliated with. If you are someone who has a good handle on your finances already, you can increase your savings by working from home.

Flexible work schedule

Majority of work from home companies allow their agents flexible work schedules. Even if they have to commit to a certain number of hours per week, these hours can be met at any time of their choosing. This makes it easier to get the work done, as you get to do it when you want to. If you are someone who has other commitments then working from home is one of the best solutions to bring in more income without being glued to a time table.

No employment benefits

The unfortunate thing with work from home companies is many of them do not offer benefits. Because a lot of of these companies have their agents operate as self employed workers they leave it up to the worker to be responsible for their own health insurance and taxes.

Cannot guarantee work/customers

Unlike a 9-5 job where you know the minute you step on premises you have something waiting for you to do, work from home companies cannot guarantee this.

If the company is struggling it’s the work at home employees that feel it first. And because some companies give work on a need only basis some employees may go through periods where they are not very busy.

Companies that operate in the sales sector expect their workers to be responsible for getting their customers. If your promotional skills are not up to par with other company members, you could find yourself struggling to make money.

Work from home companies do have many benefits, but before you start fantasizing about the lifestyle understand there are downsides. Know the pros and the cons before you join any work from home company.